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Welcome to Contact Voyages

Contact Voyages is the group department of the Contact hôtels’network, a group of independent hotel and restaurant owners who are passionate about their work and welcome you all year round. Whether you’re in a group, with friends, family or colleagues, we offer tailor-made discovery holidays, based on a variety of themes, to enable you to (re)discover the French territory in an authentic and personalized way.

Whether you’re a tourism professional (tour operator, travel agent, incoming or event agency, coach operator), a company or an individual organizing a group trip, when you choose Contact Hôtels for your travels, vacations or professional events (congresses, seminars, training courses, etc.), you benefit from an offer adapted to your needs and desires, for unique moments of relaxation and discovery. We’re here to help you create your most memorable hotel stay in France, so don’t hesitate any longer and let us help you discover the regions of our beautiful country in an unforgettable way.

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